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Web sites require constant evolution. There are moments in time when big changes are necessary too. At Cisco, we were sharing the message with our customers that Digital Transformation was critical to their business but we weren't living that message in our web journey. It was time to go on that journey with our customers and evolve the design system for the web site that was in place to accommodate a more modern experience. I was the lead Digital Strategist for this effort which began with a set of inputs from our ongoing work, some additional customer and stakeholder research and testing. We leveraged this information to pull together a kick off workshop to pull together all of our material and come out the other side with our proposal and plan for our own digital transformation. 


The Marines worked with JWT on a recruting CD - wanted to amke sure it was going to be effective


- traditional usability was going to be a challenged

so i designed something awesome to test it.

My Impact

multi city expectations setting and input for follow on marketing messages

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