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UX Process.png

One of many high level illustrations I have created to document how a UX process integrates with a development and measurement ongoing approach.

UX Process

Process changes slightly depending on the team that is executing the work. I have experience in leading design process in Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, Lean UX, Design Thinking and ad hoc combinations of these methods.

Highlights organized by role.​​

  • Oracle​​

    • Created Design Ops organization to support global publishing and agencies around the world​

    • Collaborated with development team on sprint planning for design system

  • Cisco​

    • Assisted project management team in implementation of Agile/Lean UX process integration ​

  • Magnet 360

    • Drove implementation of Sketchnotes at all company events to enhance communication and visualize quarterly company messages to help team understand and execute

    • Created standardized assets for all members of company to use and present consistent brand experience within presentation materials and deliverables to clients​

  • Sun

  • J. Walter Thompson

    • Was deeply involved in helping define and deliver on company engagement process that was defined and followed by all


    • Created team, defined process for UX and how team engaged across company​

More about my work

Want to go deep? Please, Contact me. 

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