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The Customer Experience Lab was a booth that was created to gather feedback from customers at the company conference, Cisco Live. It can be difficult to access customers and get real feedback, so we leveraged an event they were already participating in to gain additional insight. I was one of four founding members to debut the booth at Cisco Live 2015. It has continued and has been used at international and other industry events. 


We designed experiments that would allow us to gain feedback from customers and partners in a timely manner. We also had a few 'tests' customers could participate in and each test included a reward for the participant. 

When we returned from the event to gather insights from the data, we were able to bring our insights to multiple parts of the business to improve ongoing customer research, support and technical support concerns and provide valuable customer insight that could influence strategic direction and tactical output. 


The Marines worked with JWT on a recruting CD - wanted to amke sure it was going to be effective


- traditional usability was going to be a challenged

so i designed something awesome to test it.

My Impact

multi city expectations setting and input for follow on marketing messages

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