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The Oracle usability lab started as a couple of people on the team that really wanted to talk to customers. We didn't have any space at the conference the first couple of years. We were a roving band of researchers collecting feedback from our most valuable constituents. This was the only way we could get access, so we ran with it. After a bit, the value of what we had been doing was recognized and over the years we were able to get more space to conduct research with customers. At the event in 2018, our team conducted research for a different question each day and turned it around so it was ready at the end of the week. When our stakeholders got back to their desks on Monday, they had summary reports and video outputs that could be actioned on in flight projects. 


Access customer to gather valuable feedback with minimum impact on their schedule.


Go to the customers at company events.

My Impact

Continuously improved type of insights team was able to bring back for use in products and websites.

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